Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


Coming: a Tool for Mining Change Pattern Instances from Git Commits

Software repositories such as Git have become a relevant source of information for software engineer researchers. For instance, the detection of commits that fulfill a given criterion (e.g., bugfixing commits) is one of the most frequent tasks done to understand the software evolution. However, to our knowledge, there is not open-source tools that, given a Git repository, returns all the instances of a given source code change pattern. In this talk, we present Coming, a tool that takes an input a Git repository and mines instances of source code change patterns on each commit. For that, Coming computes fine-grained changes between two consecutive revisions, analyzes those changes to detect if they correspond to an instance of a change pattern (specified by the user using XML). Finally, after analyzing all the commits, Coming presents the frequency of code changes and the instances found on each commit.


Matias Martinez