Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


Unified Communications with Pàdé

Making the X in XMPP work with software

Pàdé (the "p" is pronounced explosively) is a new unified communications solution from the Ignite Real-time community that is built by integrating the SIP and HTTP protocols with XMPP and is focused at the enterprise desktop for small and medium sized businesses. It is implemented client-side as a web browser extension and server-side as a collection of supporting plugins that run inside the Openfire XMPP server.

The purpose of the talk is to introduce Pàdé and show how the plugin architectures of Openfire, Chromium and Converse have provided a development ecosystem for creating business driven communication applications and solutions for enterprises.

Pàdé is the Yoruba word for "Meet". It is a unified communications client for Openfire Meetings and uses the following front end web applications.

  • Jitsi-Meet for SFU-based WebRTC audio/video conferencing, screen share and real-time application collaboration with Jitsi Video-bridge
  • SIP.js for SIP based telephony with FreeSWITCH
  • Converse.js for XMPP chat/groupchat with Openfire
  • Chat REST API for creating bots and enabling integration with business applications.

This talk will first introduce Pàdé and then focus on how the plugin architecture of the Chromium web browser, ConverseJs and Openfire made it possible to quickly integrate HTTP and SIP with XMPP and create a feature-rich and very extensible unified communications solution for small and medium businesses.


Photo of Dele Olajide Dele Olajide