Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


The Yoast Design Meeting and how it started us on the path to open source design

The Yoast design team explains how they went from individual designers to a design team, to having a weekly design meeting, building a design system, and how this is preparing them to standardize and open source their design philosophy.

Open Source is a great philosophy, but for designers it doesn’t necessarily feel like a natural fit. Even at Yoast, which lives and breathes open source, the design team has had their struggles with this - and still does to this day. We have a strong brand identity that lives in our shared consciousness, but how can we explain this well to a new team member, or someone outside the design team, or even outside the company? In this talk, we’ll talk about the process we went through to get our designers to think outside their own heads, and the way we're creating a shared vision through the ‘Yoast Design Meeting’.


Tim Hengeveld
Luc Kickken