Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


Resurrecting Mozilla Themes for LibreOffice

Trying to uncover, fix and improve a hidden gem in the rough

Past, present, and the future of LibreOffice's Personalization dialog.

LibreOffice has had the ability to use Mozilla Themes (Personas) for some time (Tools > Options > Personalization); but it kept breaking all the time, and never had an acceptable UX. Also tons of errors/warnings, and very slow search and apply processes almost brought it to the point of being killed for good. But I couldn’t let it die, started looking into the related code and the bug reports. Now it has a better UX/UI, and got most annoying bugs/crashers fixed, and is much faster.

I will try to present a summary about the journey so far, and the plans for the future.


Photo of Muhammet Kara Muhammet Kara