Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


Graph usage in EFL

using graphs to navigate a UI

EFL is a graphical framework that is used on a lot of TVs. The challenge with a TV is, that it needs to be operated with a remote control. Which means, every selectable element on the screen has to be connected to a parent element (i.e. it needs to have a way to navigate to and from itself). In other words, it can be accessed just by pressing the 4 navigation keys on your remote control.

To achieve this, graphical elements on the screen are grouped into graphs, which are then connected together after the creation process.

The talk will cover:

· how the set of graphical components (or elements) on the screen are separated into smaller graphs; · look at how they are connected together; and · show why caching calculation results is now easier to cache, than in the previous system.


Marcel Hollerbach