Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


Wouter Verhelst

Wouter has been a member of the DebConf video team since 2010, and an on-and-off member of the FOSDEM video team over that time, too. For a time, he maintained the software video mixer DVswitch, originally written by Ben Hutchings, that was used by video teams of various FLOSS-related conferences over the years, until its hard requirement of DV video became a problem and it was replaced by alternatives such as Nageru and Voctomix.

Unhappy with the time required to release video recordings after FOSDEM, and not happy with the review software that already existed, in 2016 he decided to write his own alternative. That became SReview, a video review and transcoding system that focuses on automating as much as possible, and crowd-sourcing the one thing in the whole pipeline that can't be automated.


Title Day Room Track Start End
Open Source Design in the trenches: a case study
How we redesigned the FOSDEM video review interface
Saturday AW1.120 Open Source Design 14:00 14:20
The SReview review system Saturday H.1309 (Van Rijn) Open Media 15:30 15:55