Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


Clustered Samba: Witness Protection Programming

This talk will cover two new clustering features under development for Samba: Persistent Handles and the Witness service. Alongside a scale-out filesystem such as CephFS, both features can be combined to provide transparent client failover and automatic load balancing.

The presentation will finish with a recap of ongoing and outstanding clustered Samba tasks, focusing in particular on CephFS integration.

This talk is intended for developers and users familiar with Samba.

  • Clustered Samba overview
  • Current SMB1/SMB2 failover methods with CTDB
    • Tickle ACKs
  • New failover features
    • Transparent failover in SMB3
      • Persistent handles
      • Witness protocol
    • Automatic cluster balancing
  • Demo
  • Clustered Samba outlook / future tasks


David Disseldorp
Samuel Cabrero