Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


Using Progressive Web Apps to control IoT

Using a PWA app to control an IoT device using JS frameworks

Using Progressive Web Apps (PWA) to control IoT devices using JS frameworks

What you will learn * What is a PWA * Why is a PWA so cool! * How a PWA can control IoT * Why should a PWA control IoT * A cool demo of a PWA controlling a thing!


1) What are progressive web applications? A basic overview and their frameworks. A quick mention of web components. 2) The Samsung demo. The demo at the start showing a PWA app controlling an IoT thing via BlueTooth Low Energy (BLE) interface. 3) Controlling bluetooth low energy from our PWA application. Concerns of browser support and issues developers may have. 4) A breakdown of controlling your IoT thing, via BLE using for our demo a Javascript application running on a Linux OS with a raspberry pi zero. 5) Why should a designer/ developer/ engineer consider using PWA and BLE for the control of ‘things’. And what about security concerns?

Wrapping it up

Going over key points. Good resources. Other technology frameworks to consider. Where to find details of code and this talk at


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