Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019



An essential building block for the decentralized Internet

The YunoHost and Internet Cube projects are driven by the existing complexity in deploying and maintaining a server providing basic services, such as mail and web applications. How realistic is it to fight for a free and decentralized internet if only an elite of technicians have the skill, knowledge and time to administrate and maintain servers ?

Since a few years, the intention of those projects is to solve this key issue by lowering the technical barrier of self-hosting and making it a common practice. YunoHost is a Debian-based distribution that provides a clean and simple web interface through which the administrator can deploy services and apps quickly and with limited technical knowledge. The Internet Cube is a low-cost ARM board, preinstalled with YunoHost and preconfigured with a VPN to bypass ISP's restrictions, making it a plug-and-play solution for people willing to start self-hosting.

In this talk, I want to emphasize the necessity to democratize self-hosting against the GAFAM hegemony. Then, I shall recap how YunoHost and the Internet Cube currently works and present the evolution of the projects over the last two years. I will conclude by making a call for feedback and contributors from the FOSS community.