Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


Testing your infrastructure and services with the help of OPNFV testperf team

The OPNFV community has developed a comprehensive set of open source test tools and test methodologies for NFVIs and VM-based cloud platforms. With the proliferation of cloud native and edge computing, we need to think about how to evolve these tools to meet the requirements of emerging and future use cases. In this talk, we will give an outlook on how the OPNFV test tool ecosystem can address new use cases and challenges. The test tools in OPNFV are not just for NFV, but can be more widely useful. We will present the tools, and discuss how they can be extended to support new and existing usecases.

This talk is aimed at an audience that want to test their SDN/NFV deloyments (but not necessarily using OPNFV). It will give an overview of the test tools, and how they can be use tools for many different deployments, test different components of your system (VIM, vswitch, storage, etc.) and perform different types of testing (infrastructure verification, feature validation, stress and resiliency testing, performance benchmarking, characterization, etc.).


Emma Foley