Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


Mender - an open source OTA software update manager for IoT

Robust software updates on Embedded Linux devices is complex, and doing robust software updates over-the-air adds to the complexity. The hardships come of course from the embedded environment which differ in many ways compared to desktop or server Linux installations, where you must handle poor mobile network connectivity, sudden power-loss and never leave a device in a unusable state (brick) when doing the update OTA.

There are a lot of examples that have gotten attention in media, where unstable software update solutions have caused real-life problems which could have been mitigated by a robust software solution that is able to handle the corner cases that exist in the embedded environment.

In this talk Mirza Krak will present Mender, Apache 2.0 licensed end-to-end software update solution. This is a deep-dive session that will cover:

Mender project ecosystem Insights to technical solutions/choices Security model/approach Community

Drew will also present some of the features that are being worked on and what lays ahead for the project.

Benefit of Open Source Ecosystem

This presentation will help the open source community get detailed insight of the Mender project and general knowledge of designing an software update system for IoT devices.


Photo of Drew Moseley Drew Moseley