Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


A year of Container Kernel Work

Past, Present, and Future of Container Kernel Features

In this talk we will focus on container related kernel features. We will take an in-depth, technical look at what features have been worked on, are currently worked, or are planned.

Containers have become ubiquitous. Nowadays, the computing landscape is mostly concerned with a higher-level view on the functionality and features of containers (e.g. orchestration). In this talk we will take a step back and focus on the low-level aspects that make containers possible. Specifically, we will look at kernel features that have been implemented in the last year(s), features that are currently being worked on and features that are planned in the future. We will try to take a closer technical look and not shy away from analysing code and patchsets where needed. The goal of the talk is to inform users about the kernel development status but also to raise awareness that all the shiny glitter takes a lot of difficult technical arguments and patches that are not just "boring plumbing" but actually are pretty exciting.


Photo of Christian Brauner Christian Brauner