Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


Distribution build / delivery styles, one style to rule them all ?

Is rolling release the answer for everything ? Or Service Pack ? SUSE and openSUSE experience

There has been several camps on distribution style: - Rolling style, where everything is constantly moving - Regular style, where everything get polished and fixed before some freeze - Stable style, where (almost) nothing move, fearing to break anything

openSUSE (and SUSE) have been releasing distributions in those various style and unlike common believe, they are not as different as you might thing

We will describe pro and cons for each style and look at how our tools (OBS / openQA) and our processes (Staging / Factory First) are being use, independently of the distribution style.

And how a "Stable" style can also be delivered like "Regular" style.


Photo of Frederic Crozat Frederic Crozat