Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


Component-based Design System and Development

How do you bring order to this chaotic web frontend climate fueled by the ever-changing technologies driving it? We - a UX Designer and a Software Engineer - will introduce you to the concept of WebComponents, and how we can achieve order through evolving from Bootstrap to CSS grid based design system.

Target Audience: designers and engineers. our talk introduces the importance of collaboration and bringing designers and engineers together.

The Red Hat portfolio includes about 50 different products. There was a need for a design system as different patterns were build over and over again which led to inconsistency. The UXD goal is to bring consistent user experience to the entire Red Hat portfolio. This talk explains why it is important to have a unified look and feel. Patternfly is an open-source design system that helps our designers and engineers build user friendly products. As the frontend technologies are constantly evolving, this design system has to evolve with them. We would like to talk about the history and evolution of PatternFly - how it was created and how it tries to handle the continuous evolution of the frontend landscape. Perspectives from both design and engineering will be included.


Photo of Dávid Halász Dávid Halász