Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


"Enlightening" KVM

Hyper-V emulation

Is running a Windows guest any different from Linux from KVM's perspective? KVM can pretend being Hyper-V and this is actively used for running Windows guests. Following Hyper-V naming convention, individual features are named "enlightenments": some of them are already mature, some of them were just added to KVM and some are still waiting to be implemented. What are these features and how Windows guests use them? How is it different from Linux?

Attendees of the talk will get to know the current status and the ongoing work for Hyper-V emulation in KVM, how this impacts Windows guests. Some benchmarks won't be missing too. The talk is intended for virtualization development engineers as well as system administration running KVM in production. In the talk both the internals of Hyper-V emulation in KVM and practical advises on how to run Windows guests on KVM will be discussed.


Photo of Vitaly Kuznetsov Vitaly Kuznetsov