Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


Automation networking engine for enterprise SDN

Ansible Networking and OpenDaylight integration

Ansible is one of the fastest growing projects in the history of opensource. It is simple, flexible and powerful, and there is a huge community behind it. Ansible is capable of automate systems, storage and of course, networking. However, Ansible is stateless, and from the network engineer standpoint, a stateful view of the network topology is needed. There is where OpenDaylight joins the game. As a proper opensource SDN controller and network platform, OpenDaylight provides the translation of bussiness APIs into resource APIs, and Ansible networking performs its magic in the network.

In this talk, we will go over a high lever overview of what is OpenDaylight. We will learn about its architecture and how it works and what we can do with it. Moreover, we will explain how Ansible networking is changing the game for network operators due to its simplicity and flexibility. Both of this components can create an automation engine for network devices with all the benefits of an SDN controller such a centralized control plane, programmability of your network and that holistic approach that networking engineers love.

One more thing... there will be a live demo! We will demonstrate the ability to create an L3VPN in a typical telco service provider network with heterogeneous hardware, using the same interfaces from the user standpoint. This demo is using only opensource projects such OpenDaylight, Ansible, Skydive, etc. If you are interested in future network management, come and enjoy!


Photo of Ricardo Noriega Ricardo Noriega