Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


Redfish: the new standard for a Software Defined Infrastructure

Redfish is an IPMI replacement standardized by the DMTF. It provides a RESTful API for server out of band management and a lightweight data model specification that is scalable, discoverable and extensible. (Cf: This presentation will start by detailing its role and the features it provides with examples. It will demonstrate the benefits it provides to system administrator by providing a standardized open interface for multiple servers, and also storage systems.

We will then cover various tools such as the python-redfish library (Cf: offering Redfish abstractions useful to provide Redfish support for python based solutions such as Ironic in OpenStack, cobbler or anaconda. The recently OpenSource python-redfish-utility client will also been covered.

Finally, we'll show how to combine that to add CMDB support (with the Open Source iTop tool as an example) into a Software Defined Infrastructure.

Live or Recorded demos will be displayed in order to illustrate the different aspects covered during the presentation.


Photo of Bruno Cornec Bruno Cornec