Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


NFS-Ganesha Weather Report

The NFS is old but simple protocol existed from long back and it is one of most widely accepted protocol in linux systems. NFS-Ganesha is user space nfs server. This talk will helpful to anyone who wants to run their day today application on nfs. NFS-Ganesha has plug-able architecture in which any file systems can easily added, currently it supports Gluster, Ceph(FS/RGW), GPFS etc. There are a lot of features and discussions happening on the community. This talk will help to provide update whats happening on the community

NFS-Ganesha is a user-mode file server for NFS (v3, 4.0, 4.1, 4.1 pNFS, 4.2) and for 9P from the Plan9 operating system. It can support all these protocols concurrently. The project was started around 2009 and it got well matured over past few years and includes participation including CEA, IBM, Red Hat. There are a lot protocol specific features added including LABELED NFS, Delegations to nfs-ganesha layer. The is workload specific changes made to nganesha layer which includes async op and non blocking io's. There are other projects like storhaug which integrates the nfs-ganesha to ctdb and so on. The session will touch up briefly on all the new improvements happening in nfs-ganesha and how it can be consumed in different scenarios.


Jiffin Tony Thottan