Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019



The present, the future and how to get there.

VR took off for the consumer with the release of Oculus consumer hardware. But the hardware lacked open source drivers and Linux support in general. The OpenHMD project was created to solve this issue, and as it so happen it was funded by two former Chalmers students.

The consumer VR space has now grown from a crazy inventor in a garage into a large industry. But this growth has its down sides, multiple companies have their own APIs competing. Luckily these companies have agreed to work on a single API under the Khronos umbrella.

In this talk, Jakob will cover Khronos' OpenXR standard, give an overview about the current state of open source VR and what lies ahead.

Jakob works for Collabora with graphics and virtual reality. He has worked with Linux graphics since 2006, starting with Tungsten Graphics and moving into VMware. In 2013 he along with a friend started the OpenHMD project to make open source drivers for VR and AR hardware.


Photo of Jakob Bornecrantz Jakob Bornecrantz