Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


Sustain in Open Source with Gitcoin

Gitcoin is a decentralized application where you can use various ERC-20 tokens to grow and sustain in Open Source and many other things.

Open Source Software and Open Source contributors provide for a massive percentage of today's softwares and web and other technical ecosystems. It provides a freedom and global way of contributing to make things better. However, Open Source contributions are mostly driven by intrinsic motivations. This often leads to burn out due to lack of sustainability. Gitcoin provides a solution to help all the wonderful Open Source contributors earn by doing what they do best. Gitcoin is a bountying platform which helps bounty open source issues which now the contributors can work on and also earn and sustain themselves.

Gitcoin is a platform which incentivizes open source contributions in the form of bounties using blockchains. Gitcoin is built upon the Ethereum network and the solidity of smart contract programming language. Ethereum provides opportunities to align incentives across actors in the ecosystem. By programming rights of stakeholders directly into smart contracts, actors are incentivized to provide value, and edge cases are handled without having to involve legacy legal enforcement mechanisms.

  • We believe in open standards and fat protocols, and have built Gitcoin with StandardBounties -- an Open, Free, Fair, Bounty Protocol on Ethereum.
  • We believe that an ICO and tokenization is not the best business model for our dapp. We do not have a token
  • We believe that blockchain is a game-changer for funding of Open Source. We believe that Open Source Funding and Open Source Jobs will be built on Open Source Money

The aim of Gitcoin is to make a community for developers to collaborate and monetize their skills while working on Open Source projects through bounties. Gitcoin is a decentralized application built on Ethereum’s blockchain. Gitcoin does not have a native token.


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