Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


SAYMON - object-oriented monitoring and management for both ICT&IoT

object hierarchies and time-series for robust back-end and visual front-end on top

SAYMON is a software platform. It makes possible to build a kind of specific problem solution in days. There's a great technology stack we would like to describe and discuss on FOSDEM19. MQTT, HTTP, WebSockets, NodeJS Actors, Redis, Kafka, Hierarchy and Documents Storage, Time-Series Storage, Front and Back Ends. ICT and IoT SW projects made by SAYMON team description. SAYMON use for tech people opportunities.

We will talk for modern technologies and for it's business appliances. SAYMON architecture review. Object information model. Trees and graphs of hierarchies of objects. Infrastructure and smart things control methods review. Time-series collections and storage as well as current and future usage - visualisation, simple aggregates and machine-learning. Event processing. Incidents register and processing. Incidents correlations. Notifications and alerts implementation aspects. We will make demo and show cases.


Konstantin Mikhaylov