Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


Time is Important - Developer Centric IoT Platforms

A break down of different IoT platforms that can be used to rapidly prototype 'things'.

What this is about

1) Don’t make me think! A breakdown of IoT frameworks to help you build things. 2) Demonstration of different rapid prototyping environments. 3) The key points in development of an IoT thing and getting your idea alive.
4) The trade off between complexity and features in IoT

Who this is for

Developers, engineers and hobbyists not familiar with embedded IoT technology and wanting a breakdown of the main differences offered by companies, organisations and communities


A breakdown of IoT frameworks and the communities they serve. Which one do you belong to? The demos Looking at 3 systems. Using a ‘C’ cloud based remote compiation and development tool chain, a Python framework and Javascript. Hardware will be available for people to try afterwards in a meeting hub. Complexity vs Simplicity! As your ‘thing’ evolves you suddenly worry about onboarding, installation, configuration, security, updating and interfaces! This is not how to solve just what are your options.

Wrapping it up

Going over key points. Good resources. Other technology frameworks to consider.


Photo of Nicholas Herriot Nicholas Herriot