Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


Dark Peak Data Co-op

Sheffield Geeks Freeing Their Data

Dark Peak is a user-run co-operative providing hosted open-source software for the benefit of our members.

This is the story of how some geeks from Sheffield are working together to free their data from the tyranny of global corporations!

We each want better control over what we share online and how our data is used, so we founded an organisation democratically run and owned by its users. By sharing resources and expertise, our volunteers aim to provide convenient alternatives that put you back in control, according to our four main principles:

  1. Data with representation
  2. Promote the dignity of data ownership
  3. Provide the freedom to host some or all services yourself
  4. Federate and interoperate where possible

This talk aims to give an overview of our organisation and how we came to be, what choices we made and why we made them and the mistakes we made along the way -- we want to share what we've learned from both organisational and technical points of view.

We hope the audience will be enthusiastic about self-hosting, and are interested in seeing the power of running or joining a self-hosting co-op.


Photo of Mat Booth Mat Booth