Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


Frederic Crozat

Photo of Frederic Crozat

Frederic Crozat has been involved in Linux for more than 19 years, For 9 years, he was a member of GNOME Release Team. During GNOME 3 development, he created a GNOME 3 live image (based on openSUSE) to help people test GNOME 3 before it was released.

Since mid 2010, he joined SUSE to work on various topics on SUSE Linux distributions, including Meego, systemd, Secure Boot.

He is currently Release Manager for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and Desktop.


Title Day Room Track Start End
Distribution build / delivery styles, one style to rule them all ?
Is rolling release the answer for everything ? Or Service Pack ? SUSE and openSUSE experience
Sunday K.3.401 Distributions 15:40 16:30