Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


Uyuni: A world-class open source frontend solution for managing your software-defined infrastructure with Salt

Uyuni (, an opinionated fork of the Spacewalk project, provides open source lifecycle management for today's datacenter. With the help of Salt for configuration management it keeps your workloads up to date and secure.

Uyuni manages all your Linux workloads. It bootstraps physical servers, creates VMs for virtualization and cloud, builds container images, and tracks what runs on your Kubernetes clusters. All using Salt under the hood!

It provides you a high-class frontend solution to interact with Salt, manage your states, formulas with forms, and much more using a web UI.

Uyuni is open source, backed by SUSE Linux, and actively developed.

This presentation will give you an overview about Uyuni, its current possibilities for managing datacenters, and how it provides you a powerful frontend to interact with Salt.


Photo of Pablo Suárez Hernández Pablo Suárez Hernández
Photo of Julio González Gil Julio González Gil