Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


Preventing OOXML interoperability problems in LibreOffice

As we know LibreOffice is an editor built around the feature set of ODF standard. When it comes to interoperability with other formats, notably OOXML, this causes another interesting source of problems: there are features available in the editor that might not be available in the counterpart product and consequently neither in OOXML format. The result might be loss of work time: the user assumes if she saves her carefully crafted document in OOXML it will be retained. In some unlucky cases this might not be true because of differences between the LO feature set and the file format preferred by the user or her peers.

My proposed solution to this is a small, simple and gradually extensible one: let's offer a configuration key that might be turned on by system administrators and this in turn would disable elements of the LibreOffice UI that offer features not available in the OOXML file format, or set different defaults in certain situations.


Gabor Kelemen