Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


AMENDMENT CI/CD for embedded development with an ESP8266, Arduino-cli, Gitlab-ci, Raspberry Pi, and Kubernetes

Blink a LED with gitlab-ci and arduino-cli

Blink an ESP8266 board via an arduino-cli CI/CD pipeline hosted on, with Kubernetes, and a Raspberry-pi board.

WARNING: This replaces the "MCU Immutable Booting" talk from Michael Schloh von Bennewitz, which was canceled since the speaker could not attend FOSDEM due to a lack of financial sponsorship. It was about protecting microcontroller bootloaders with immutable boot.

In this live demo, I will show how to blink an ESP8266 board via a CI/CD pipeline hosted on Gitlab-ci is connected to a stripped down Kubernetes cluster (K3S fork) hosted on a local raspberry-pi board, to which we have attached an ESP8266 board. I will explain how to use the new Arduino CLI instead of the Arduino IDE.


Photo of Benjamin Henrion (zoobab) Benjamin Henrion (zoobab)