Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


Nuspell: the new spell checker

FOSS spell checker implemented in C++14 with aid of Mozilla

Nuspell is a FOSS checker that is written in pure C++14. It extensively supports character encodings, locales, compounding, affixing and complex morphology. Existing spell checking in web browsers, office suits, IDEs and other text editors can use this as a drop-in replacement. Nuspell supports 90 languages, suggestions and personal dictionaries.

In this talk we will highlight the functionality of Nuspell and provide easy to follow examples on how to use it as a command-line tool or link to the C++ library. The audience will be invited to integrate this new spell checker into their software, create new language bindings or port it to other operating systems.


Photo of Sander van Geloven Sander van Geloven