Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


Leveraging ceph-mgr modules for fun and profit

In this talk, we will demonstrate how Ceph's ceph-mgr can be leveraged for whatever silly project we want, as long as we have a silly idea for a project and enough to time to sink into it. In our case, we will show how one could relay health status (and other information) to the user by visual, annoying means -- i.e., by plugging into a Philips Hue bridge, and changing the colors of the room.

We shall cover

1) high-level view of what ceph-mgr is 2) basics of ceph-mgr modules, their bare-bones architecture and how to create a simple module 3) the basic architecture of our proof-of-concept 4) a quick, live (ugh) demo, should power sockets be available 5) time permitting, an overview of how to scale this to something that goes beyond a silly home made project


Joao Eduardo Luis