Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


0 A.D: Graphics

Graphics problems and opportunities of open-source game

A story about graphics and graphic problems that we have in development of 0 A. D. - the open-source game of Wildfire Games.

Talking structure:

  • A little history of 0AD (

  • Used technologies and how it works (SDL, OpenGL 1/2, ARB/GLSL shaders)

  • Known problems (inaccurate hardware statistics, old OpenGL, driver/application crashes on Intel cards on different OS, legacy support of OpenGL drivers on macOS 10.14)

  • Current solutions (tracker & forum to collect people feedback, a feedback server to recieve automatic hardware reports, analyse our audience)

  • Future plans (more abstractions, probably a low-level third party library for GL/Vulkan/Metal, white & black lists for drivers with bugs)


Vladislav Belov