Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


Will the Chill Braswell

Photo of Will the Chill Braswell

Creator of RPerl & Co-Creator of Perl 11. Scouter, Juggler, Mormon, Perl Monger, Serial Entrepreneur, Volunteer, Aspiring Astrophysicist, Community Organizer, Family Man.

Will 'the Chill' Braswell is a professional Perl programmer with a degree in computer science and mathematics from Texas Tech University. Will began his Perl career in the late 90's, co-founded the Perl 11 effort in 2012, and created the RPerl compiler on January 1st, 2013. Will currently leads the RPerl, MathPerl, and PhysicsPerl projects, as well as providing software services through his company, Auto-Parallel Technologies.

I love to program using Perl, Linux, and very fast computers. I love the outdoors and the many adventures I experience with the Boy Scouts of America. I love to walk on stilts, juggle canes, clown, and entertain people with Circus Texas. I love helping people and participating in church activities. I love the Perl Mongers and especially our local chapter. I love building companies and bringing together a team to make our plans a reality. I love giving my time and talents toward charitable and fraternal organizations. I love space exploration and I am training for a future space career. I love helping groups organize to achieve cooperative, community-driven goals. I love my family.



Title Day Room Track Start End
Perl 11
The Future of Saint Larry's Language
Sunday K.1.105 (La Fontaine) Performance 14:00 14:50