Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


Tiki: Easy setup of wiki-based knowledge management system

This talk demonstrates how to build up a simple but powerful knowledge management system starting from a freshly installed Tiki

I will demonstrate an easy and fast way of configuring Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware for the purpose of having a central repository for a knowledge base. I will also explain how to manage permissions for various use cases, how to separate different topics, how to access stored knowledge.

This presentation will start with a minimal Tiki site and show how to build structures of pages and file repositories with a knowledge base in mind. This will rely on a concrete real-life working example of a site for collaboration between a freelancer/company and their various separate customers with different projects.

I will show how to configure permissions for: * a publicly visible and editable knowledge base; * separate knowledge bases which are restricted to groups of users and invisible to others; * intermediate scenarios with groups of editors and groups of read-only viewers.

I will show the basics of how to make the knowledge accessible, searchable, navigable and allow comments from people who can only view it.

I will provide hints about more powerful approaches using Tiki's inbuilt user-configurable database feature.


Photo of Jean-Marc Libs Jean-Marc Libs