Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


Fabien Benetou (@Utopiah)

Photo of Fabien Benetou (@Utopiah)

Fabien Bénétou is a WebXR freelance developer currently working for UNICEF and the European Parliament. Based in Brussels, Belgium, Fabien is a Mozilla AFrame contributor driven by the need to make virtual and augmented reality understandable by anybody curious enough to try. He has organized events, given talks and lead dozens of professional workshops all around the world. His focus goes beyond the technology to the positive impact it can offer through privacy conscious methods to bring VR and AR innovations to the most wide possible audience. He is convinced that XR will become useful once used and challenged by the most diverse audience.



Title Day Room Track Start End
High end augmented reality using Javascript
Using markers with a webcam is cool but what about a HoloLens or MagicLeap straight from the browser?
Sunday H.1308 (Rolin) Javascript 10:30 10:55