Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


Migrating from Adobe Connect - the Victory of FOSS Over Proprietary Software

Adobe Connect is a proprietary platform for virtual presentations, conferencing sessions and screen recordings. Recently, one of our customers has requested our assistance in migrating their content from Adobe Connect to Kaltura. We've released the project as FOSS [licensed under AGPLv3]. This session will cover the challenges we faced and the FOSS tools we used to overcome them.

During the session, we will review the steps the code takes in order to extract and process the data associated with an Adobe Connect recording [video and audio files, metadata, etc]. We'll walk attendees through our use of FFmpeg, Selenium, Mozilla's Geckodriver and OpenCV and demonstrate how they were harnessed for the purpose of migrating the content.

We will conclude with a live demo of the migration process.


Jess Portnoy