Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


New interoperability, i18n and LibreLogo improvements of LibreOffice

for office suite migrations in public sector, supported by NISZ and Foundation

3 lightning talks about news and the most important experiences of the various LibreOffice developments made for migration projects in public administration and education, based on my recent presentations of LiboCon, Tirana, and our newer results.

Building a LibreOffice development team: We have found and filed more than three hundred bugs during the biggest LibreOffice migration project of Hungary. Our help desk service couldn't handle these efficiently using half measures and workarounds, so we started to build a small LibreOffice development team focusing on the most important OOXML compatibility and other migration problems. After three month learning and trial period, we summarize our results and failures for LibreOffice community.

LibreOffice language technology – news and best practices: This lightning talk shows new and improved language technologies of LibreOffice and their usage: new features of Hunspell spell checker (better handling of words written separately or with special orthography, faster suggestions, etc.), “Grammar by” spell checking for default technical dictionaries, Numbertext and NatNum12 number modifier for default date and other formats fulfilling special language needs, and exemplary developments for example for German (hyphenation using compound feature of libhyphen) and Hungarian (fields with automatic article selection; spell checking of word with special word breaking, for example, recognizing the parenthesized word forms, like “us(ag)e”).

LibreOffice and eTwinning: LibreLogo in schools and teacher training programs: LibreLogo, integrated Logo extension of LibreOffice is based on strong practical and educational principles. After 4 years of research period, lead by Andreas Formiconi, University of Florence advocates LibreLogo usage in eTwinning program, community of European schools. This short presentation summarize the research results and recent and planned improvements of LibreLogo.


László Németh