Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


Benjamin Henrion (zoobab)

Photo of Benjamin Henrion (zoobab)

Benjamin has been hacking embedded devices since the early 2000, with the OpenAP/LinuxAP distribution running on the first wireless router running linux. He is an exclusive linux user since 1996, and he owns an extensive collection of embedded devices running linux. He has contributed to the development of wireless routing protocols, initiated the yearly event, which aims to test those protocols running on top of OpenWRT based routers.

Benjamin is also the president of the Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure (, an he has been fighting software patents since 1999, from the beginning of the european debate till now. He has launched several popular campaigns on the internet, such as the August 2003 and June 2005 webdemonstrations against software patents (400.000 signatures), the campaign for free maps (5000 signatures), and the campaign against Microsoft's Office standardisation at ISO ( (100.000 signatures).

He currently works as a Devops and Kubernetes consultant.

His interests lies in computer science, politics, and mountain biking.

His personal website is available at


Title Day Room Track Start End
AMENDMENT CI/CD for embedded development with an ESP8266, Arduino-cli, Gitlab-ci, Raspberry Pi, and Kubernetes
Blink a LED with gitlab-ci and arduino-cli
Sunday K.4.401 Hardware Enablement 12:30 13:00