Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


IGT GPU Tools - the past, the present, the future

IGT recently underwent quite a few changes. The name is now vendor-agnostic, meson is the new default build system, we are on the GitLab, and the new runner, a piglit replacement, has landed.

So what's up with the name change from "Intel GPU Tools" to "IGT GPU Tools"? Is it just GNU, with its sweet recursiveness, being that inspiring or do we really belive that having a vendor agnostic test suite that benefits the whole DRM subsystem is important?

Let's also talk build system. Everyone, and their dog, is switching to Meson nowadays, so we have too jumped on the bandwagon. How has the switch went? How does Meson compare to autotools? Are we going to remove the old build system... and when is that going to happen?

GitLab and its CI/CD pipleine allows us to generate and publish documentation efortlessly, get us cross-compilation working and run some post-merge autotools/meson consistency checs.

There is also the new runner. Are we suffering from "Not Invented Here" syndrome or it there actual, compelling reason to do all the extra development? This allows us to drop Python as a dependency and have a way to run a single binary with multiple subtests in one go, instead of spawning a new process for each subtest which does the same initialization, and shaving off those sweet sweet seconds so we can squeeze even more CI runs in a day.


Photo of Arek Hiler Arek Hiler