Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


High end augmented reality using Javascript

Using markers with a webcam is cool but what about a HoloLens or MagicLeap straight from the browser?

VR is so 2018. Now is time for AR... or is it? In this talk we will explore practically what is feasible today and how. We'll rely on Exokit for the new Magic Leap ML1 after briefly exploring what is AR, what it's good for then some guiding principles. No AR expertise required, just basic JavaScript frontend of backend will do.

The talk explored how create and experience augmented reality content on the latest commercially available hardware, namely the MagicLeap MP1 using the exokit node based browser (MIT License) and AFrame (MIT License) as properly isolated and re-usable component.

More specifically the different topics were : - limitations of native AR - WebAR, the definition - status of the specifications - hardware support / browsers / libraries - deconstruction of an experiment - what's yet to come - references

A live demo with content live streamed to the browser from the HMD was shown to the audience to highlight the device specific features with content they could related to, namely themselves.


Photo of Fabien Benetou (@Utopiah) Fabien Benetou (@Utopiah)