Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


Multicloud CI/CD with OpenStack and Kubernetes

With over 50 Public cloudbased on OpenStack, distributing workloads closer to customers is now a reality. Expect to learn how to leverage CI/CD to build multicloud Kubernetes clusters across several OpenStack Public Clouds.

We’ll start by presenting the benefits of multicloud and how Kubernetes and OpenStack fit in that strategy.

Multicloud architecture

Then we’ll explain the setup of a geo-distributed Kubernetes environment and this translates in OpenStack terms.

Cloud agnostic tools

An important part of multicloud is to have adapted tooling, so we’ll compare several tools to manage OpenStack resources (heat, ansible, terraform, …) and to install Kubernetes (kops, kubespray, kubeadm, …) in a cloud agnostic way.


We’ll put it all to the test with a live demo with a CI/CD application deployment across the globe.

Wrap up

Finally we’ll wrap it up with lessons learned and challenges of multicloud.


Maxime Guyot