Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


A brief story about friendship

What we learned from cross-community collaboration

CMS Garden is a not-for-profit association run by currently 12 open source content management systems. This talk will show you what is possible when you work together instead of competing each other.

The story about CMS Garden is a story about trust and friendship. Before CMS garden we (as people from different cms communities) thought we were competitors. There was no real comparability between the cms and the most often heard argument was: don't take that $CMS. Take mine (because it's the best). After the first joint event (CeBIT 2013) we knew it's not true. There is no best CMS in the world. There are only good tools for the needs of a project. Sometimes my CMS. In other projects yours CMS.

That event changed everything. Later in 2013 we founded a not-for-profit association and our journey began.

This Lightning Talk wants to share some of the magic moments and try to invite other open source communities to join the garden and adopt the idea of collaboration.


Photo of Stephan Luckow Stephan Luckow