Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


Eric Auger

Photo of Eric Auger

Eric has been involved in KVM/QEMU since March 2014. He started as a Linaro assignee and currently works for Red Hat, in the Virtualization team. Eric has contributed to VFIO, KVM/ARM and QEMU on topics such as platform/PCIe device assignment, virtual interrupt controllers, added features missing for passthrough, vhost-net, MSI support. He also contributed to the virtual IOMMU modeling for ARM.

Presenter Experience:

KVM Forum 2018: "ARM virt 3.0 and beyond: towards a better scalability" KVM Forum 2017: "vIOMMU/ARM: full emulation and virtio-iommu approaches" Linaro Connect 2017: "libvirt integration and testing for enterprise KVM/ARM" (Co-presenter with Drew Jones) KVM Forum 2014: "ARM KVM platform device assignment"


Title Day Room Track Start End
Virtual IOMMU Implementation using HW Nested Paging Saturday H.2213 Virtualization and IaaS 18:30 19:00