Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


Fearless Multimedia Programming

using GStreamer & Rust

GStreamer is a popular framework of choice for multimedia programming in the Linux world, especially for embedded. Since efficiency is a typical core requirement for embedded solutions, traditionally C/C++ have been the languages of choice for writing GStreamer applications and plugins. Unfortunately, this efficiency comes at the price of safety. Even the most skilled C/C++ developers make mistakes with memory management and the results could potentially be catastrophic. Thread safety is another aspect that is central to multimedia solutions but is extremely difficult to achieve with C/C++.

Rust language is designed to be both efficient and safe at the same time. In this talk, Zeeshan will present how GStreamer's Rust bindings not only make multimedia programming a lot safer, easier and fun but also allow developers to write even more efficient code than C/C++ in certain cases.


Photo of Zeeshan Ali Zeeshan Ali