Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


Bring JavaScript to the Internet of Things

From Embedded Device to Smart Gateway

With huge popularity and high resource efficiency JavaScript has gone well beyond the web and reached out for many other areas. The rapidly growing Internet of Things is no exception. This talk will discuss why we think that JavaScript is a good option to kick-start building your own Internet of Things. Solutions we have been used for building an end to end IoT system using JavaScript will be discussed. An introduction to JerryScript, an ultra-light JavaScript engine from Samsung, will be given to address the issue of resource restriction in embedded devices. It is followed by a look at JavaScript platforms based on JerryScript that provide direct JavaScript APIs to developers. The open gateway framework is node.js based and targets at decentralized ‘Internet of Things’ with privacy and security in mind. This talk is supported by a demo.


Philippe Coval
Ziran Sun