Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


Hey, A Blockchain-Based Social Network

Leveraging Ethereum Sidechains Towards Scalability

At Hey, we're building a new breed of social network based on the Blockchain. As most main Blockchains present scalability issues (e.g. Etherem scales at 20 transactions/s), we have decided to run our decentralised application on a so-called sidechain, which is an offspring of the Ethereum mainchain and which enables us to scale to the throughput required to support the rich interactions happening within a social network. Come and discover the specific architectural peculiarities that it takes to run a decentralised application on a sidechain.

We will be discussing the following elements about building an on-chain social network: - Scalability (volume and throughput) - UX vs Security in fostering users adoption - Loom, an L2 scaling solution on which Hey's sidechain is running - Deep-dive on Hey's architectural peculiarities - How to move assets from a sidechain to the Ethereum mainchain


Photo of Thomas Vanderstraeten Thomas Vanderstraeten