Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


An overview of Tezos focusing on On-Chain Governance

A new develoment paradigm for the blockchain

Governance is a big topic in the blockchain world. Deciding on the evolution of the protocol, even changing a constant can fracture the community. Hard forks are not uncommon with often negative consequences. Tezos, an emerging blockchain, has been designed from the ground up with the idea of on-chain Governance, where changes are decided by the community on the Tezos blockchain using an open and democratic process.

In particular in the context of FOSDEM, this talk will focus on the benefits that this type of governance can offer to the developer community in terms of visibility, rewards and potential for open collaboration.

I'll provide background on the topic, an overview of Tezos and its current protocol in relation to voting and governance, and close the talk with a few ideas about the future.


Photo of Pietro Abate Pietro Abate