Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


VoIP Troubleshooting and Monitoring with SIP3

Twenty Thousand MPS under the SIP: VoIP network troubleshooting and monitoring simplified

An exciting journey from troubleshooting to monitoring or how VoIP network monitoring can simplify troubleshooting and shorten customer tickets resolution time.

Find out how SIP3 turned from troubleshooting into monitoring platform, what were the biggest challenges along the way and what is the team behind the project planning ahead.

SIP3 is an open sourced project that helps engineering teams detect voice quality problems and prevent call failures. Take advantage of a fast and efficient platform that scales with your business. The powerful monitoring UI provides key performance metrics that are giving detailed VoIP network insights.

Learn how you can shorten customer support tickets resolution time while staying focused on your product development.

Deep dive into the business KPIs and learn how to recognize service disruptions and system failures before they actually happen.

Be part of the live demo and join the SIP3 community! See you in the RTC room!


Photo of Oleg Agafonov Oleg Agafonov