Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


Nakadi: Streaming Events for 100s of Teams

Serving all sorts of users and use cases, the sane way

At Zalando, a small team of 9 engineers develops, maintains, and operates an internal deployment of Nakadi, the open source event streaming platform. Nakadi handles dozens of terabytes of data every day, produced and consumed by hundreds of teams, with use cases from big data to service-to-service communication. Nakadi also feeds data into Zalando’s data lake for batch analysis. In this talk, we will show how a small team can serve so many customers while still finding the time to work on new features and fixing bugs. Serving users at scale requires a completely self-service offering. Nakadi provides self-service stream creation, administration, schema validation and evolution, monitoring, authorization, SQL over streams, and a great UI so that even less technical users can use Nakadi.


Photo of Lionel Montrieux Lionel Montrieux