Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


Distributed Computing with Ada and CORBA using PolyORB

Imagine you have a fantastic Ada program or library but you want more! You want it to be scalable and used by other developers with other languages. The goal of this presentation is to show you the way to achieve it without bending to fashion. :) As of today, we see distributed computing as Web services, mainly RESTful stuff. Some technologies exist since years and are working successfully in many systems. One of these is CORBA which allows Object-Oriented communication between applications in languages such as Ada or C++.

In this presentation, the chosen middleware providing CORBA infrastructure is PolyORB. We will use it to make a distributed version of an existing piece of software, the Corporate Bullshit Generator (CBSG), and create client applications in C++ and Ada. This will allow us to put the power of Ada and PolyORB into a distributed system.


Photo of Frédéric Praca Frédéric Praca