Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


Yutaka Niibe

Photo of Yutaka Niibe

Free Software Hackers around GNU project. In 90's, GNU Emacs for Japanese language support, PLIP driver in Linux, GNU/Linux on SuperH. Since 2011, I joined GnuPG development. Developing Gnuk, the USB token firmware, and NeuG, the TRNG implementation. In 2011, as a reference hardware for Gnuk Token, I develped FST-01. In 2016, it was updated as FST-01G. In 2018, new update is called FST-01SZ, where SZ stands for ShenZhen.



Title Day Room Track Start End
FST-01SZ (Flying Stone Tiny 01 revision ShenZhen)
free hardware design for Gnuk Token
Sunday AW1.125 CAD and Open Hardware 16:30 17:00