Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


Console oriented services:,,

The talk is devoted to console oriented services, like:,, Which popular console oriented services exist currently and how can they be used in everyday life; what advantages and disadvantages do they have; how services like that could be created.

I've created several console oriented services, that you are probaly aware of, if you are a vivid console user.

If you've never heard about them, you can try to do the following in your terminal, just to get the first impression:


$ curl
$ curl
$ curl


As we will see, in many cases services creaated using this approach has many advantages comparing to browser-orineted services: * speed; * portability; * small footprint and ubiquituous of the client; * good possibility of integration; * consciosness; * anonimity; * etc.

In the talk I will demostrate several popular console oriented services, that I've created, and tell: * how such services could be created, * what tasks could be and should be solved by means of them; * what advantages (and disatvantages) do they have; * what changes in curl we are currently doing, to make such services even easier to use, and even more universal and pervasive.

The talk will be accompanied with many technical examples and useful practical tips and tricks such as:

  • how to make weather forecast using nothing else but curl;

  • how to bring any text from you console one your smartphone using nothing else but curl;

  • how to find an answer to (almost) any programming question not leaving your editor;

and many other like that.

I would be happy to share my ideas with you, discuss them and get some feedback from you during this discussion.


Igor Chubin